Australian Caramilk-lovers pay big money for block of chocolate

omg 18/07/2017

Ever since Cadbury relaunched its iconic Caramilk chocolate in New Zealand last month, our Aussie neighbours have been desperate to get in on the action.  

The chocolate, a solid bar which is a blend of caramelised white chocolate, was a '90s classic, and appeared back on supermarket shelves around New Zealand at the end of June. The limited edition product is a New Zealand-only release and isn't available in Australia.

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Now some clever Kiwis have cottoned on to the demand across the ditch and are putting Caramilk blocks on Ebay Australia for Aussies to buy.

And it turns out they're willing to pay quite a bit.

One auction, which closed early on Monday afternoon (NZ time), saw 19 bids for one $3 block, which eventually sold for AU$40 (NZ$42.64).

Another auction, with the winning bid claiming a block for NZ$16, read: "This auction is for ONE BLOCK of the limited edition CARAMILK CHOCOLATE! If you want 2 blocks please message me and we may be able to work it out."

Other auctions had multiple blocks selling for upwards of NZD$150.