Being a messy person might be a sign you're a genius

omg 13/07/2017

If you often find yourself surrounded in post-it notes, random bits of paper and drink bottles then fear not, your messiness might be a sign that you're a genius!

Researchers from the University of Minnesota found that people who work and live in messy enviroments tend to be creative.

The researchers got the participants to come up with different ideas around a particular scenario in different enviroments, one tidy and one messy. The results showed that those who worked in the messy area came up with more creative thoughts.

The study also showed that people who functioned better around a bit of mess were more likely to take risks while those who liked things neat and tidy tend to follow the rules and less likely to try new things. “Disorderly environments seem to inspire breaking free of tradition, which can produce fresh insights,” researchers said.

Source: The Independent