Bride's friends save the wedding after $500 cake doesn't arrive

we love 18/07/2017

It could have been a brizezilla meltdown when a $500 cake didn't show up for the wedding in time.

But for Australian Jade Neil, her sisters-in-law and close family friend knew what to do to save the day.

Popping down to their local supermarket, they bought two items: a Woolworths mud cake and pre-made Betty Crocker icing.

Then using spare fresh flowers from the wedding decorations and a hessian cutlery holder, they matched the cake to the decor, and once they plopped it on top a fitting wooden chopping board - and no one was any the wiser!

"If you're doing a wedding on a budget - here is some inspo! Everybody loves Woolies mud cake."

And the best thing? It was ridiculously cheap!