Bride surprises husband with "sexy" boudoir dinosaur photo shoot

funny stuff 11/07/2017

It's not your typically sexy sort of gift!

When Canadian bride-to-be Nicole wanted to do a boudoir photo shoot dressed as a T.Rex, photographer Kissy of Josh & Kissy Photography couldn't only react with "WHEN AND WHERE?!"

Typically boudoir photo shoots are fun and sexy gifts for both the participant and their partner, but for the photographer, she called it "the funniest thing I had seen in my entire life.”

"I never knew how hard it would be to pose a seven foot dinosaur and make it look sexy but Nicole totally nailed it. This was so fun! Seriously, one of my favourite shoots of all time," she wrote on the Facebook post she shared.

Telling HelloGiggles, she says at first it took a while for the bride's husband to see the joke:

“She was going to give him the book right before they walked down the aisle, and he was surrounded by his groomsmen when he got the book. He saw the more sensual pictures I took of her first, and he closed the book,” Kissy said.

But when he did see the photos the next day, he definitely found them hilarious.

See more of the funny photo shoot below: