Couple attempt famous 'Dirty Dancing' lift for their wedding but end up in hospital

funny stuff 14/07/2017

A couple have recently ended up in hospital after attempting to do the famous 'Dirty Dancing' lift. The pair are planning their upcoming wedding and wanted to make it that much more special, but during a practice of the routine they ended up knocking each other out...

The couple said "I have always loved Dirty Dancing and it is one of my all-time favourite films."

"We were in the beer garden and my niece and nephew were messing around trying to do the lift."

"So I looked at Andy and suggested that we have it as our first dance at our wedding."

"We immediately set about trying to recreate that iconic moment. But it's fair to say it didn't go to plan."

"When I ran at Andy he tried to lift me, but we just collided."

"At first our family thought we were just messing about but they soon realised we had actually really hurt ourselves."

The couple said doctors at the hospital  laughed when they found out how they got their injuries.

The niece added that they "didn't know how serious it was until we saw them on the floor."

The couple are now planning a slower and easier dance for their wedding.

Source: Independent