Dogs can tell when someone is mean to their owner and remember it too

we love 10/07/2017

They're not called 'Man's best friend' for nothing, dogs are some of the most loyal creatures around!

A recent study by The Neuroscience and Biohavioural Reviews shows that dogs can tell when someone is being mean to their owner and they even hold grudges!

The study was simple. Dogs were put in four different cases. Two were neutral cases, while the other two were variables. Each of them watched while their owner asked a researcher for help opening a jar.

In one case, the researcher helped the owner open the jar. The dogs showed signs of approval. But when the researcher refused to help open the jar, the dogs noticed, and clearly weren’t happy about it. In fact, when the researcher who refused to help their owner offered the dogs treats later, the dogs flat out refused!

Yet more evidence that our fluffy friends will always have our back!

Source: Hello Giggles