Ed Sheeran surprises fans with guest appearance in Game of Thrones

goss 18/07/2017

Ed Sheeran has long been a big Game of Thrones fan and there have been rumours going around for a while now about a possible appearance on the hit TV show. In yesterday's season premiere, Ed got his wish!

Ed's cameo came as the character Arya Stark was riding along a path on her horse. Ed can be heard singing around a campfire. "That's a pretty song," Arya says, "It's a new one." replies Ed.

His appearance has been met with mixed reviews.

"Since we got Ed Sheeran that means the door is open. I want Kanye in the next episode leading a music troupe at an inn." wrote one person.

"The Ed Sheeran scene was actually an interesting moment/departure that was overshadowed by putting Ed Sheeran in it." added another.

But some of Ed's fans thought his scene was awesome!

"What an unexpected cameo by Ed Sheeran but damn his voice is so good!"