Harry Potter 'dark arts' bath bomb has fans going crazy

we love 28/07/2017

Without a doubt, Harry Potter is one of the most popular franchises in the world, but now fans of the famous wizard can take a piece of the Hogwarts world into the bathroom!

Lush UK have launched a new range of Harry Potter themed cosmetic products.

The 'Dark Arts Jelly Bomb' truly lives up to its name as it turns your bath from clear water into a thick gooey black pool with other colours throughout.

“Why not become a professor of Dark Arts? Sink into deep, inky black water and inhale a spellbinding Brazilian orange oil and spicy cinnamon leaf oil mist," the description on their site reads.

"As this mystifying Jelly Bomb fizzes it dissolves into a dark jelly which wraps around the skin, conditioning and nourishing it with mineral-rich seaweed and almond essential oil. Conjure up this enchanting soak and perplex witches and wizards with your bathtime sorcery.”

A video of the bomb in action has been uploaded to Instagram and has fans very keen to get their hands on it. Currently this isn't available in NZ, but given the world wide love for Harry Potter we may see it here some day soon!