Man inks ‘tick yes or no’ tattoo in the cutest proposal to his girlfriend

we love 05/07/2017

Tattoos are supposed to hold a lot of meaning, and for Vinny Capaldo Smith in America, his tattoo holds a particularly special meaning - his proposal.

Vinny is a tattoo artist from Denver and he met his beautiful girlfriend Brooke Wodark when he was tattooing her at his studio.

His plan was to convince Brooke to come into the studio and give him a tattoo as part of a fun little date where she would tattoo a heart on his ankle.

What Brooke didn't realise was that Vinny had tattooed the cutest proposal onto his leg and all she had to do was tick her answer, yes or no.

The sweet tattoo has since gone viral all over Facebook, and of course she said YES.

You can check out the proposal in this cute video that was taken at the time, and it's fair to say Brooke got the surprise of her life.