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Man proposes to his girlfriend, then to her sister as a sign of commitment to them both

we love 13/07/2017

A US man has made a heartwarming gesture moments after proposing to his girlfriend.

Will's now fiance Ashely has a sister named Hannah who has down syndrome. Hannah is a big part of both of their lives and spends heaps of time with them, so Will thought it appropriate to propose to Hannah and ask her to be his best friend forever!

"Hannah's reaction had us all in tears," Ashley said.

"She's such a sweetheart, and Will has fallen into the big brother role so well."

"I was very surprised. Will is wonderful, but he’s rather humble and so this gesture blew me away. She was so happy, and all I could think about was how special this was for her," 

Ashley added that on their wedding day Will and Hannah will say "best friend vows", and at the reception will even have their dance.

Photo credit: Bret & Brandie Photography
Photo credit: Bret & Brandie Photography

Source: Mama Mia