More successful people shower at night time according to new study

life 25/07/2017

Having a regular night time routine is key to success, according to a new study. 

It's long been known that there is a link between sleep deprivation and stress, but a new study believes that getting a good nights sleep will help us become more successful in our careers.

A huge part of our nightly routine is hygiene. The researchers say that having a shower every night (as well as brushing your teeth) helps get you in a much better sleeping pattern, making you more refreshed and improving your function for the next day. They add that having a shower acts as a way to 'wash the day away' and even helps to lower stress levels.

The study also stresses the importance of keeping to your routine on the daily...

"When stress rises and becomes cumulative during the day, it's much harder to fall asleep at night because it's harder to slow down and quiet our brains. So, the key here is to recognize that and to create a ritual for going to sleep."

Source: Independent