Mum divides opinion with her jewelry made out of breast milk

omg 21/07/2017

A Mum's side business has been met with mixed response by other parents. Her business, Sentimental Keepsakes makes exactly that. She specialises however in jewelry made out of breast milk (yup, you read that right).

She has recently explained the process of turning the milk in jewelry...

'I preserve the milk on the day that I receive it, and then turn it into a mouldable paste which I transfer into a mould or a silver base. It's then left for a few days to harden like a stone before being sanded and sunk into the resin and left for a further few days. After that, it's turned into jewellery or baby plaques.'

In an interview with she said that most of her customers are "mums wanting a keepsake to celebrate the bonding journey, usually, new mums or mums whose breast feeding journey is ending.'

'I've had very mixed reactions – some love it, some hate it…a little like Marmite.'

'Some people think it is utterly disgusting, but to be honest, as long as they are talking about it, I am fine with that – we've all got our own opinions. But many mothers love the idea and find it special.'

Would you ever consider getting one of these made?

Source: Good To Know