Mum explains why she won't let her son accept his 100% attendance certificate

parenting 07/07/2017
A mum has gone viral online after refusing to accept an award from her son's school.
The award was in recognition of her son's attendance, something she says he had no control over. She took to her Facebook page to breakdown her decision into 4 different points.
  1. We don't reward luck. In this family we will think of as many reasons possible to praise our children. We will celebrate and reward them, but being lucky enough not to get sick is not one of them. He's lucky to have not developed a fever, had an accident or live with a chronic illness.
  2. 100% Attendance Awards can demonise the weakest. In this family you are not shamed for ill health, vulnerability or weakness. In this house you are not encouraged to spread germs when you are not well. In this house we look after ourselves and the weakest amongst us.
  3. He had no control over his 100% attendance. In this family you don't take praise for something you didn't do. He had no control over his attendance. I took him to school and it would have been my decision to keep him off. I should get the reward (or not) for his attendance
  4. We are taking him out of school for 5 days at the end of term. In this family we value school and work but we also know the importance of making memories and having rest. So our son will finish his school year one week early and go to Italy instead class parties, watching films and playing end of year games (with permission from school).*

The Mum's decision has started much debate online, some people think she needs to get over it and allow her son the praise he deserves, while others say that the Mum is completely right in denying her son the award.

Source: Facebook | Born At The Right Time