Mum faces backlash after using breast-milk in her brownies without telling anyone

omg 24/07/2017

A mum has received a large amount of backlash after admitting that she replaced regular milk with breast-milk in her brownie recipe. The mother went online to share her story in an attempt to explain herself, but not everyone thought she did the right thing.

“I made brownies for my school bake sale that had breast milk in them,” she wrote.

“I didn’t have time to run to the store, and didn’t think it was a big deal (some of those kids could use the nutrition to be honest)."

“One of the other moms found out and are blowing it way out of proportion. Idk (I don't know) what to do!”

It didn't take long for the responses to come in...

“First of all, I've never seen a brownie recipe that used milk. Second of all, why not use a little water instead? Third of all, not cool," one person replied.

"Honestly this is actually a damn near criminal offence!" added another.

Some medical experts also pointed out that doing this could put whoever eats the brownie at risk of infection.

How would you react to hearing this news?

Source: Independent