Mum ropes in daughter to fake an injury so she can get out of work

funny stuff 27/07/2017

Normally it's kids that try to make up an excuse to get out of work. But not this mum!

One mum recruited her daughter to put together a good excuse, so she was able to get out of work for the rest of the day.

She first started with instructions on a good storyline, involving googling a picture of a cut she had received from mowing the grass, and that she needed to get stitches.

Photo credit: Twitter | @xhaileysmith
Photo credit: Twitter | @xhaileysmith
Photo credit: Twitter | @xhaileysmith

Then she let her child play along with the conversation, so it could be enough to screenshot and send to her boss.

And while it's never a good idea to scam your boss into taking fake leave, you have to admit this is one devilishly paired mum and daughter duo!