Mum warns of BBQ brush dangers after son ends up in hospital

omg 17/07/2017

“It was the most awful and difficult 24 hours of my life watching my son in so much pain.”

That was what one mum wrote when the use of a wire barbecue brush damaged her son’s throat.

"What a scary 24 hours it's been. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, EVERYONE do not use a metal BBQ brush," American mum Jenna Kuchik wrote.

"Just minutes after eating BBQ chicken last night Ollie started crying and complaining there was something stuck and hurting his throat.

"After suspecting a BBQ bristle was stuck, Matt checked the other chicken that we hadn't eaten yet and found one in there too.”

The parents rushed their four-year-old to the hospital, where it was confirmed there was a metal bristle stuck in his throat.

"Throughout the two hours at the hospital Ollie couldn't swallow and kept gagging and spitting," she said.

"Because of the location of the bristle the doctor wanted to send him to [a different hospital] via ambulance and off him and Matt went at 9pm with me, Cohen and Ellie following.

She said it was the most "awful and difficult 24 hours" of her life: "Watching my son in so much pain, not being able to do anything to make it better and knowing that this could have been 100% avoidable".

"It wasn't until 5pm today that he finally got two pieces of metal bristles removed from his throat in the OR. He was such an amazing, strong, brave boy (even after not being allowed to eat or drink for almost 24 hours).

"I am so grateful he is okay but I just don't ever want something like this to happen to someone else."

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