New Zealand's most expensive cities for dates

NZ 14/07/2017

Ever wondered what a date night in New Zealand would cost you?

Dating company Elite Singles have done some research into the average cost of a date night in New Zealand.

They defined "date night" as one that includes a mid-range dinner for two, a shared bottle of wine, two movie tickets, and an 8km taxi ride home - which will, on average, cost $132 in New Zealand.

But depending on where you were in New Zealand, the cost of the average date differed - especially in larger cities, where you were expected to pay more.

But the number #1 most expensive date location? Queenstown - which was $26 more expensive than the New Zealand average.

NZ is still a distance away from more expensive "date night" cities, with Oslo in Norway coming out top with a $186NZD, followed by Tokyo, Japan at $176NZD.

See the average price of a date in New Zealand cities below:

1. Queenstown: $158

2. Auckland: $142

3. Hamilton: $140

4. Christchurch: $130

5. New Plymouth: $130

6. Dunedin: $129

7. Tauranga: $128

8. Wellington: $127

9. Palmerston North: $119

10. Rotorua: $119