People accuse mother of “child abuse” after piercing video goes viral

omg 17/07/2017

How young is too young for ear piercings?

That is the question being asked as footage of a four-month-old baby getting her ears pierced has gone viral for the wrong reasons.

The video shows young Riley crying as she got her ears pierced simultaneously, and people are calling it “cruel” and “child abuse” for giving a baby ear piercings.

“You child abusing b****! She is the one who will be living with it for the next 90 years or so. Where was her choice to be permanently modified?”

Another wrote “Why would you want to cause your baby pain when it is meant to be mum who protects them? Let them choose when they are old enough!”

The video explains that four month old Riley “did well” getting her ears pierced.

“Only cried for about 30 seconds. And she was her normal happy self. Our family gets our girls ears pierced when they are Four months old, so they get it over with quickly, and won’t remember the pain. This is the 5th grandchild to get her ears pierced, all have loved them, and have been happy that they were done so young. [sic]”

A petition in the UK is calling on the government to ban the practice of piercing babies, and to set a minimum legal age requirement.

Started by Susan Ingram, who calls the practice "child cruelty", the petition has over 85,000 signatures.

"Severe pain and fear is inflicted upon infants unnecessarily," Ms Ingram says.

"It serves no purpose other than to satisfy the parent's vanity. Other forms of physically harming children are illegal- this should be no different."

Should there be a minimum legal age for piercings?

Source: Newshub.