People are going crazy for Oreo's creative new flavours

we love 06/07/2017

Recently Squiggles brought out a bunch of new flavours for their popular biscuit range and now our favourite cream filled biscuit is jumping on the bandwagon with Oreo testing a bunch of new flavours of their own.

Manufacturing company Nabisco decided to let Oreo fans submit their own flavours through the hashtag #MyOreoCreation, and boy some of them are strange.

People submitted ideas from Chai-Latté Oreos, to dog-friendly Oreos, and of course there's a Coffee Oreo in the mix, which all sound great!

What we're not so keen on is the avocado Oreo, but hopefully that one doesn't get the green light for full production.

To thank everyone for submitting cool new ideas for Oreos, the company sent a few fans sample packs to try the flavours before they commit to producing them for the public.

The prototypes they have created include:

  • Coffee. 
  • Carrot Cake. 
  • Avocado. 
  • Cherry Cola. 
  • Galaxy. 
  • Unicorn (Blueberry and raspberry creme).

If these flavours are successful then you'll probably see them in a store near you soon, but feel free to drop the avocado flavour, Oreo, we're just not sure about it.