People are losing it over these new odd looking 'hairy leggings'

funny stuff 04/07/2017

First it was the hairy swimsuit that made people feel a little uneasy, and now with innovations in clothing/nobody told this guy it was a strange idea, the hairy leggings are here.

UK based design company, Contrado, let's their customers create their own clothing and for some reason, one of them dreamed up these interesting leg coverings.

We don't really know what to think, except that we're a little confused as to why someone wants to wear a pair of hairy legs.

No one really knew how to react to the set of legs after the photo was uploaded to Instagram a few days ago.

It was fair to say everyone knew they were a joke, but had mixed opinions on whether they were disgusting or not.

Either way, we're probably not going to get a pair but if you don't think your legs have what it takes to finish the winter months without frost bite, this might be for you.