Primo teams up with Tip-Top ice-cream for two new delicious flavours

NZ 25/07/2017

Primo have fans of their flavoured milk excited after announcing 2 new flavours on their Facebook page.

"Introducing NEW Ltd Ed. Primo x Tip Top flavours - Hokey Pokey and Mint Choc" the team wrote. The announcement was then followed by a cryptic message telling people to 'watch this space' for how to try some of the new milk. 

People were quick to get excited over the milk, "Choc-Mint is back! Yay! My favourite flavour!" wrote one person.

"These sound so good!" agreed another.

Some were even willing to put aside medical conditions for the milk, with one person joking by saying "Who cares if I'm lactose intolerant, I'll suffer for this!"