Pro baker says we've been cutting cake wrong all of this time!

omg 06/07/2017

It's the controversial technique which is dividing offices, parties and celebrations around the world.

Aussie baker, Katherine Sabbath, has come out to let everyone know that we've all been cutting our precious round cakes wrong since forever.

Katherine boosts nearly 400,000 followers on Instagram and shared this video of her customer cutting the round cake into long strips, and then making one-inch think slices.

Katherine says on the post, "A fine example of how to cut my whopper of a cake into responsible servings!"

After the video was posted many people came out to say how smart of an idea it is to cut the cake into smaller servings, which looks to be an awesome idea for big parties with lot of guests.

Some others brushed it aside and said they would rather the classic triangle pieces, but can you blame them? What they're really saying is they only want the triangle for the extra cake, which is understandable in our books.

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