Rosé ice cream mixes 2 of our favourite things together!

we love 07/07/2017

"Did you just say alcoholic ice cream???" - everyone.

The new creation combines the comfort of a bowl of ice cream, mixed with the flavour and deliciousness of a glass of your fav Rosé wine. YUM!

Smitten Ice Cream in California, who created the amazing Rosé
Ice Cream
flavour, dreamed up the idea around a month ago, but it's taken off for obvious reasons.

The ice cream parlour teamed up with Scribe Winery, who sell their Rosé in a can, to create the perfect dessert.

With New Zealand's booming wine industry, hopefully some smart cookies out there get onto this one quick so we can all live with the comfort knowing we have a tub of Rosé in the freezer.