Schools start fining parents up to $200 if their kids show up late

omg 06/07/2017

Families in some sections of the UK have been warned that they may face fines if their child is consistently late to school. The move has some NZ families concerned, hoping that a similar rule won’t be introduced in NZ.

If a child shows up over 30 minutes late to class, they could be fined at least $100 NZD. The penalty could rise to $200 NZD if the fine isn’t paid within 3 weeks.

The new rule has the internet split...

“Giving fines for when kids are late to school? Boy, I would have robbed my parents!” wrote one Twitter user.

“Are these fines going to go towards the buses, so they can run on time and get kids to school for when they need?” someone else questioned.

But despite receiving some harsh critics, some people see the value in it - suggesting that it would incentivise parents to make sure their kids were on time consistently.

Can you see something like this working well in NZ?

Source: Mummy Pages