The foods that are surprisingly good for you, according to nutritionists

omg 07/07/2017

Coconut oil, muesli bars and Caesar salads - think they're healthy? Experts say you're wrong.

A new survey has found nutritionists and the public have wildly different opinions on what foods are healthy and which aren't.

LiveLighter, a partnership between the Heart Foundation of Australia and Cancer Council Victoria, quizzed 1000 Australians and 130 nutrition experts on different kinds of food, and whether they're healthy or not.

The public generally rated coconut oil, orange juice, gluten-free cake, frozen yoghurt, and even red wine as healthy, while nutritionists did not.

At the other end of the scale, foods like peanut butter, jacket potatoes, popcorn and pasta aren't seen as particularly healthy by the public, but actually are.

The worst foods people think are healthy are:

  • coconut oil - 75 percent of the public said it's healthy, but only 15 percent of nutritionists
  • orange juice - 71 percent to 24
  • muesli bars - 52 percent to 18
  • frozen yoghurt - 62 percent to 31
  • gluten-free cakes - 44 percent to 6 percent.

While good foods that seem unlikely are:

  • peanut butter - 48 percent of the public think it's healthy, compared with 78 percent of nutritionists
  • pasta - 68 percent to 96
  • popcorn - 50 percent to 75 (without salt and/or butter)
  • low-fat milk - 78 percent to 99.

Maybe next time you're at the supermarket and you're not sure whether what you're buying is as healthy as you thought it was, double check the label.