The iconic 'Bonnie Doon' house from 'The Castle' can be rented on Airbnb

omg 25/07/2017

The holiday home from the iconic 1997 Australian film The Castle can be rented on Airbnb from just NZ$215 per night.

Guests are promised "the opportunity to go back in time and capture memories you'll want to keep and 'take straight to the pool room'".

Reviews were overwhelmingly positive, with one guest writing "We thought we were dreamin' when we saw the castle on air bnb but there she was!"

Another satisfied customer wrote, "Sooo much serenity! For anyone that loves The Castle, you won't be disappointed."

Located in the regional Victorian town of Bonnie Doon, the Airbnb host, who goes by the name Melanie, told ABC News the listing had gained attention far beyond Australia, with many international guests booking a spot.

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"Share a slice of Australiana film history", the listing says, with a promise that "it's a stay you'll be telling people about for weeks".

As well as making the home available to the public, Mel also displayed items she thought the Kerrigan family would use around the house, and built a pool room in the backyard, not unlike the one in the movie.

Mel purchased the house two years ago and spent a year renovating it before offering it for rent.

"I think it does belong to the people", she said.

"Put it this way, if nobody else wants it, I don't want to see it demolished."

She said she would have liked to see the second home of the Kerrigan family - near Melbourne's Tullamarine Airport, preserved similarly. 

That home is expected to be demolished on Wednesday.