The shocking reason why you should never charge your phone in bed

omg 11/07/2017

For years we've heard that having your phone too close to you can cause serious health problems. But some new studies from the Newton Fire Department show that charging your phone in bed could be costly!

"Research has revealed that 53% of children/teens charge their phone or tablet either on their bed or under their pillow." the department writes.

"This is can be extremely dangerous. The heat generated cannot dissipate and the charger will become hotter and hotter. The likely result is that the pillow/bed will catch fire. This places the child/teen as well as everyone else in the home in great danger. Please check where you & your family charge your moblie devices" the department urges.

With many teens spending more time in bed during the school holidays - this might be a timely reminder!

Source: Hello Giggles