Wedding couple invite random strangers to their wedding

omg 21/07/2017

"Outgoing, fun, have to be drinkers."

That was the requirement one couple listed online when they invited wedding crashers to come to their wedding.

When Australian couple Jez Menzel and Sarah Marantelli started receiving some negative RSVPs in the mail two months out from the wedding, they wanted to be sure they could fill the empty seats.

But instead of inviting their distant relatives or random extended family, they decided to invite complete strangers.

Listing an ad on Gumtree (a classified ad site, similar to TradeMe), the listing became a viral success, with over 600 applications.

At the wedding, the couple had a beautiful ceremony watched by close family, friends, and fve people they never met before.

"They were awesome, they introduced themselves to family, they were dancing, got up and did numbers with the band… it was fun," Sarah told

"Inviting wedding crashers was one of the best things about our wedding," Jez said.

Since the wedding, the couple has used Gumtree to fill spare seats for the likes of wine tours and camping trips.

"I would recommend it because the worst thing that can happen is that they don't show up, or come and don't mingle.

"The best thing could be a lifelong friend or a possible romance between a crasher and another guest."