Woman criticised after revealing she only changes her bed sheets once a month

omg 27/07/2017

A woman has recently admitted to only changing her sheets once a month on British TV show This Morning.

When asked by one of the hosts of the show how often she changes her sheets, the woman replied by saying “I would leave it three weeks, maybe four when things are hectic”.

The host then introduced an expert who used a special vacuum to suck all of the dirt out of her sheets, which she described as "shocking, absolutely shocking".

"I can’t believe how much dirt was in there," she continued.

They extracted enough dirt and grime from the bed and sheets to create a reasonable puddle in a cooking bowl...

Photo credit: This Morning | Mama Mia

People were horrified with her mattress, with many people taking to the internet to vent their disgust.

"Ergh who changes there bed sheets every 3-4 weeks? Mate I change mine every week!" wrote one person.

With another person adding "Who doesn't change their bed for 4 weeks? Urgh! And why the hell would you admit to it on national TV?"

The expert says the best way to avoid a scenario like this is to wash your sheets at a high temperature and to vacuum your mattress often.

Source: Mama Mia