Woman fired after eating her co-workers chocolate

omg 31/07/2017

A woman in Germany was recently fired from her job as a caregiver after eating a colleague's chocolate bar. The woman was also accused of using the work washing machine for her own clothes and it was even suggested that she stole a co-worker's handbag and then regifted it as a secret santa present...

If that doesn't sound weird enough as it is, she ended up taking her employer to court! The court found that there was not enough evidence on any counts to charge her and the woman has since been given her job back... But we can't help but think that things might be a bit awkward around the workplace for a while.

"With my head held high, I have done nothing wrong," said the careworker. "I do not feel relieved."

The mystery around the use of the washing machine and the chocolate may go unsolved, but next time you're thinking about 'stealing' something from the work kitchen, it might pay to pause for thought!

Source: The Independent