Woman shows how she can hide 3 bottles of wine in an everyday outfit

omg 13/07/2017

Redefining what it means to have a "practical" outfit.

There are plenty of devices and products that people buy to be a bit sneaky carrying around alcohol - but one woman from Cosmopolitan thought how many bottles worth of wine could be hidden away in one outfit using secret wine-storing products.

Equipped with a wine bracelet flask, a wine carrying sports bra, a wine carrying scarf, a wine carrying handbag, wine carrying wedge shoes, and a skirt wine pouch - she managed to pour three bottles worth of rosé and hide them into her outfit.

And while hiding three bottles of wine in your outfit is quite the surprising feat - it's definitely not the best look to be sipping from your wrist, or to look like you're peeing into a wine glass in the middle of a coffee shop...

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