Women lives out worst nightmare after shocking nail job

omg 04/07/2017

If you're a women, going and getting your nails done can feel like a real 'treat-yourself' moment which you do to brighten your day and colour your fingers.

Nails can look great if they're done properly, but for Emma Jones it looks like she went into a bit of a dodgy nail salon that didn't know what they were doing, let alone what a set of fingernails are supposed to look like.

Angela Blemmings posted the photo of the unlucky customer's nails when she came into her salon after the disaster manicure.

Emma went straight to Angela to get her nails fixed after she got caught up in a conversation with the nail artist and failed to notice what he was actually doing with her nails.

Angela was happy to help but let this be a reminder for all. Don't go to the dodgy salons without doing research because it just might not be worth it.