Barista explains what sort of person you are from your coffee order

omg 17/08/2017

A barista in Australia believes the coffee you order dictates your personality.

After years of researching cafés, the coffee crafter told Daily Mail she believes decaf drinkers tend to be women and a chai latte order tends to be from a "gym-bunny".

Espresso fans are snobs; flat white drinkers are people-pleasers and apparently, cappuccino lovers are "obsessive and controlling".

Read her summaries on the different coffee drinkers below:

'In my experience it would be someone who is extremely well dressed and has many layers, scarves and that sort of thing. An over the top Broadway kind of person.'

'Most likely women that come in with a group that order espressos and then the one person who can't quite handle the heat the coffee might give them orders a decaf, scared that they might run riot in the office later,' she said.

'A chai latte would be someone who has just come from the gym and has read about the bad effects of coffee. They've decided they want to get a chai to stick with their one day health regime that will probably fail in a week.' 

'Snob. Or businessman in an expensive suit. Most likely doesn’t want a lid and will give the cup back to staff with a haughty smirk before kindly getting the hell out.'

'Definitely over the age of 40, or going through an early midlife crisis. Desperate emphasis on the temperature of the beverage as it's probably the hottest thing in your life right now.' 

'No bum-fluff involved. Either that or you’ve never had a coffee before and it's the only one you know because they said it on Friends that one time.'

'A 15-year-old girl who can’t quite stomach coffee just yet, but wants to look sophisticated in front of her friends with a coffee in period one at school.'

'Ice coffee isn't too bad in summer but if they're drinking it in winter I've really got to question their sanity. Especially if they're rugged up in a really big coat, beanie and a scarf. I'm just so confused by what's going on.' 

'If you drink cold drip coffee you've got to be a [city] snob.'

Source: Daily Mail