Boy gets hilarious reply from the Tooth Fairy after asking for a pay rise

funny stuff 08/08/2017

A boy wrote a letter to the Tooth Fairy after he felt he wasn't getting enough money from her after the loss of each tooth. The boy was on $1 per tooth but wanted a raise to $5 per tooth... He didn't quite get the reply he was after.

“My name is Dee Kay and my associate tooth fairy told me about your letter - I have been assigned your case #0922085,” the letter began.

“One thing we do agree on and have taken into consideration, it was very bold of you to ask for more money.

“Since all your teeth have been cavity-free, we decided to increase your TPO (tooth payout) by $1 for future extractions. This is with the stipulation the tooth is cavity-free.”

“Should you place a cavity filled tooth under your pillow you will receive a bill to cover our costs of flight travel.”

The look on his face suggests he may not be entirely happy with the payrise, but it's a start!

Source: Huffington Post