Bride gives up her wedding dress to help women less fortunate

we love 30/08/2017

A woman has gone viral after offering up her wedding dress to others who may not have been able to afford one otherwise.

“I would like to give my wedding dress away to someone that is on a tight budget and is in need of a dress,” the bride posted on Facebook.

It's fair to say the bride did not expect the reaction she got, one thing lead to another and suddenly she was inundated with requests for the dress.

“Everyone kept on telling me their story, and I was like, ’I wish I could give the dress to everyone out there!” she told HuffPost. “That’s how I came up with the idea to keep passing it down.” So far the dress is set to be worn by 12 different women!

“It’s amazing to see other people happy and knowing they are going to feel good in it,” she said.

“A wedding dress is so special to a bride, and knowing that a dress that I picked out will make someone feel just as good as I did, is a blessing.”

We think this is such a brilliant idea, especially since for a lot of brides the dress goes into the wardrobe and doesn't often get worn again. Hopefully we see something like this start up in New Zealand some day soon!

Source: Huffington Post