Cafe taxes men 18% more in protest of gender pay gap

we love 08/08/2017

A Melbourne vegan café has turned heads with its "tax" that charges men more for food and allows women to get priority seating.

Handsome Her owner, Alexandra O'Brien, explained she wanted to address the gender pay gap.

"One week out of every month we have an 18 percent premium for men which is the same as the gender pay gap," she told 7 News.

One customer 7 News spoke to agreed with the idea, saying, "I think it's fair - if you think about the world and the gender inequality that we have."

However the "tax" is optional and so far no one has refused to pay it.

"If men don't want to pay it, we're not going to kick them out the door. It's just an opportunity to do some good," Ms O'Brien added.