Fancy wine only tastes better because it costs more, says study

omg 25/08/2017

Good news for wine drinkers! According to a recent study, fancy wine only tastes better because it costs more.

A small group of 30 people were each asked to sample a selection of 'different' wines (unknown to them, all of which were actually the same cheap wine) and were then asked to rate the taste of each one. Each wine came with a different price label on it and the results showed that the participants tricked their own brains into believing the dearer wine tasted better...

‘As expected, the subjects stated that the wine with the higher price tasted better than an apparently cheaper one.’

The researcher's suggested the results all came down to the placebo effect, the fact that each participant was under the impression they were tasting expensive wine when they actually weren't!

So next time you have someone over, tell them the wine is fancy and they might just believe you!

Source: Metro