Getting pregnant in your 30s might make you live longer

life 01/08/2017

A new study from Coimbra University believes that women who have babies in their 30s will out live the younger mums.

The researchers looked into the life expectancies of mums across the world and compared that to the age woman in different countries started having kids. The results showed that women who had kids in their 30s lived longer than those who had kids in their 20s.

‘The most relevant result shows that women tend to live longer the older they are when they get pregnant (in particular, for the first child).’

‘There are several determinant factors of women’s life expectancy. The most surprising factor is the age of women at pregnancy, which may provide evidence to promote pregnancy in the early 30’s.’

But don't let this be a deciding factor in when you start having kids (if you choose to), only you can be the judge of that!

Source: Metro