Grandfather breaks into tears finding out he's becoming a great-grandpa

we love 02/08/2017

This grandpa's reaction will melt your heart!

Bianca Rollo captured the moment she surprised her 85-year-old grandfather that he was going to be a great-grandfather for the first time.

She says that as the first-born grandchild, she had a special relationship with him that was different to her two siblings.

“Growing up we would always do things together. Go on boat rides, go fishing, garage sale shopping, motorcycle rides, ice cream outings,” she said.

“We had a lot in common and always had a lot of fun together.”

But when her Baba (grandmother) passed away in 2008, she said something has been "missing" in the family.

But while no one could replace her grandma, she "knew how happy he would be that he would get to ‘re-live’ our relationship with his future grandchild”

Surprising him with a printed tee, he was quick to burst into tears of joy at the sight of what was written at the front.

"He loves t-shirts so we made him one for Father's Day that said "GREAT GRANDPA to be...December 2017". My Papa loves his grandkids and I'm so excited for him to meet his great grandchild in December."