Grumpy people are more satisfied with their lives according to new study

omg 15/08/2017

A recent study has shown that for a lot of people, being grumpy can actually make them happy.

The study looked at over 2000 people from Brazil, China, Germany, Israel, Ghana, Poland and Singapore. They were asked which emotions they felt most frequently and to then rate their overall life satisfaction.

Although most people said they wanted to experience positive emotions, the results showed that the people who admitted to being grumpy more often and had a wider range of emotions were far more satisfied with their lives.

The key to happiness, according to the research, is having the ability to accept all kinds of emotions, not just the good ones.

‘If you feel emotions you want to feel, even if they’re unpleasant, then you’re better off," said the lead researcher.

‘People want to feel very good all the time in Western cultures. Even if they feel good most of the time, they may still think that they should feel even better, which might make them less happy overall.’

So letting out your inner anger from time to time (in appropriate situations of course), might be the key to a happier life!

Source: Metro