Harry Potter 'Sorting Hat Candles' burn to show which house you belong in

we love 24/08/2017

Harry Potter fans now have a new and creative way to find out what house they belong in... By burning a scented candle!

Crafty Witches Decor have started selling the hand made candles online and people have been going nuts for them! 

Photo credit: Etsy

The candles will burn in 4 different colours, each one representing a different house. Gryffindor is burgundy, Slytherin is green, Ravenclaw is blue while Hufflepuff
will appear yellow.

The candles are said to smell like "you're heading to Hogwarts in the Fall", with scents of apples, pears, mandarin, peaches, raspberries, tree bark and cinnamon.

Photo credit: Etsy

The candles will burn for around 40 - 50 hours and will set you back roughly $20 NZD.

Photo credit: Etsy

Source: Etsy