Kiwi ad shares a thought for kids without dads on Father's Day

we love 31/08/2017

Spark has released a new TV commercial ahead of Father's Day this weekend, and one thing's for sure - it's a tear-jerker.

The advert follows a young Kiwi boy who is unsure how to celebrate Father's Day because he lives in a single-parent household with his mum.

Watching his peers prepare gifts for their fathers during class, and receive praise from their dads after sport games, the boy is left confused as to whether he commemorates the day given his father is no longer around.

However he doesn't let the absence of a dad get him down for long, and proceeds to research what he should do when Father's Day rolls around.

The following morning, he can be seen carrying in breakfast and a card reading 'Happy Father's Day, mum' to his sleeping mother - who wakes up to the sight and immediately begins to cry, much like most viewers.

Spark says the advert, produced by Colenso BBDO, is part of a series of commercials that will be rolled out in the coming months.