Man cancels wedding and takes ex-fiance to court for $15,000 engagement ring

omg 21/08/2017

A man has taken his ex-fiancé to court after she refused to give him back the engagement after their wedding was called off just 10 days before they were due to tie the knot.

The man demanded his ex give back the $15,500 engagement ring, $5000 worth of gifts as well as an additional $1000 cash. The pair had split the cost of the engagement after starting a joint account not long after they first got together in 2015.

Before the court case, the pair met and the woman returned the man’s wedding clothes and a few other things. However, the results show that although the woman didn’t have to return everything, she did return a few of the gifts and the $1000 cash.

The judge ruled that whatever verbal agreement there was between the couple, it wasn’t a contract and therefore the man’s fiance was entitled to the ring she was gifted.

Source: Daily Mail