Mum comes up with clever tactic to keep an eye on her daughter at all times

parenting 11/08/2017

It can sometimes be hard to keep track of what your kids are up to, but one mum has found a way to always check if her daughter is on the straight and narrow path.

The daughter Kaelyn posted on Twitter the lengths her mum has gone to before she feels satisfied that Kaelyn is telling the truth.

Sharing a four page text conversation she had with her mum, she writes "I think it's safe to say my mum doesn't trust me."

The conversation then follows her mum wondering where her daughter is.

"Where are you? Before you lie, where is your car?"

Kaelyn replies: "At Stevie's."

But to prove that she was in fact with Stevie, Kaelyn is then asked to send a series of selfies with her and her friend in a series of scenarios.

Heather asks: "Send a selfie of the two of you both giving me the thumbs up! With the light on.

"I think you cropped Stevie in to the picture. Get on her back and take another selfie. With the thumbs up."

Eventually her daughter sends enough selfies to be satisfied with her answer, but her level of integration has gotten attention from thousands, and redefined what it means to check on your child.

Source: The Sun