Mum criticised after sharing video of her daughter's straightened hair

omg 07/08/2017

A mum has been criticised online after sharing a video of her daughter's straightened hair.

"Straightened my baby’s hair yesterday," she wrote in the video. "She's so gorgeous."

The video has been shared and viewed thousands of times and really has people split over if it's okay or not...

"That's way too grown for a little girl. She's super cute, but the style is way too grown." criticised one parent.

"You've crossed the line." Bluntly stated another user.

But not everyone thought the mum was out of line. "I can't even get my hair to look that good she's a beauty!" admitted another mum.

Speaking to Yahoo Beauty, the mum said that she "just wanted to see herself in a different light and know that she is beautiful any way that she dresses up or however she does her hair."

Source: MummyPages