Mum hilariously shows the difference between Mum and Dad hangovers

funny stuff 04/08/2017

A Mum's cheeky Facebook post has A LOT of mums siding with her. In the picture she highlights the difference between a 'mum hangover' and a 'dad hangover'.

"Dad hangover vs. Mum hangover." she begins.

"He 'looked after the kids' / put the TV on for them, then fell asleep five minutes into Minions - while I made a family sized Lasagna (from scratch, may I add) and cracked on with life."

"All very familiar. At least he got up to switch the TV on," another mum wrote.

"What sort of mad woman cooks lasagne from scratch with a hangover? Impressive but crazy!!" wrote another

The pic has been seen thousands of times online.

Source: Mama Mia