Woman sparks heated discussion after bringing her own alcohol to a wedding reception

omg 01/08/2017

A woman has caused quite a bit of discussion online after starting a conversation about if anyone had every smuggled in alcohol into a wedding reception. 

'Smuggling wine into a wedding reception? Would you? Have you?! Did you get caught?!' the woman wrote. It is unclear if she was planning to do so herself...

One user replied by saying 'I did it. Hotel, middle of nowhere, extortionate bar prices. We were already paying to stay in the hotel, so I took a hip flask with vodka in to the reception. Just bought cokes and topped up. One of the brides knew and even had some herself, thought it was a great idea. I wouldn't do it as a matter of course, but I'd already spent a fortune.'

Someone else had a similar story to share 'I went to a wedding where a group of us shared a 'car bar'. Basically a couple of bottles of spirits in the boot of someone's car. We bought soft drinks at the venue and topped up from the car bar. Felt no shame, drink prices were extortionate and at the time I was skint so it made sense to keep the cost down.'

But not everyone saw the light side of it, with some describing it as 'disgraceful behaviour', while another user questioned 'why would you?'

Source: GoodToKnow