Mum warns others to 'be careful' after accidentally feeding her kids dog food

funny stuff 29/08/2017

An Australian mum has taken to Facebook to vent after she accidentally bought the wrong food at the supermarket. Her message takes aim at her local supermarket...

"I bought these from the biscuit isle next to the Tiny Teddies" her post began.

"I put in lunch boxes and kids came home that afternoon and said yuck they are disgusting.'

"On closer inspection they are DOG treats. It does say that it is pet food only - human friendly but not recommended! BE CAREFUL the store is very disorganised."

"Terrible and disgraceful, not to mention dangerous!"

Looking at the packaging, you can kind of see where she went wrong...

Photo credit: The Mirror

Although her post has now been removed, at the time it had been shared hundreds of thousands of times.

Source: The Mirror