Mum writes passionate complaint about parents who let kids play iPads loudly

parenting 09/08/2017

A mum's complaint about the volume of kids iPads and other devices has been met with mixed responses.

The mum wrote the following message on the Mumsnet Forum...

"The last few times I've been on a train... and on the bus I've had my peace disturbed by toddlers with phones/tablets either playing noisy games on them or watching programmes.

"When I've asked parents to rein them in I've been invariably met with either passive aggressive remarks about not liking children (I have three myself) or outright hostility and a statement along the lines of 'it keeps them quiet'."

"No, it doesn't. It stops them from pestering you but it's far from quiet. AIBU (am I being unreasonable) or is this an accepted 'thing' now? Because it's ****ing annoying."

"I don't dislike children... I just don't like electronic noise intrusion from anyone and especially not being subjected to fifty rounds of Peppa ****ing Pig."

It didn't take long for others to chime in with both their support and disapproval of the Mum's complaint...

"I find it really rude," wrote one user. "It's not hard to show a bit of consideration for others, and makes everyone's life much more pleasant."

"Do it at home if you like. Don't subject everybody else to it. Thank you." added another.

While others were more supportive of the Mum suggesting that she is "best to ignore it, like most unpleasant behaviour."

Someone else urged the disgruntled people to just 'let the kids be kids' and to try and not be so 'selfish'.

Does loud electronic noise in public annoy you?

Source: The Sun