Mums spend a huge amount of money replacing kids lost toys says study

omg 21/08/2017

Sometimes it seems like kids go through favourite toys like they do underwear. It can also be absolute havoc when one of the favourite toys goes missing... A recent study shows that the cost most parents incur after having to replace toys is truly huge!

The study looked at children between the age of 3 and 10 and found that, on average, the kids lost 483 belongings between those ages. Hats, jumpers and cuddly toys were at the top of the list of misplaced items.

But this is where the eyebrows will be raised, the results also showed that on average parents spend around $2700 NZD on replacing lost toys alone! They also spend an average of 2 days looking for the toys before calling it quits and coughing up the cash.

"Mums might not realise how many items will go missing during their kid’s formative years so it’s really interesting to see the figures for this." the researchers said.

"However, this research reassures parents that adding a name label to items increases the chance of lost belongings making their way home."

Source: The Mirror